Candyfossilized part 3

Hands ripping through the hard chocolate dirt, struggling to get through the dense, solid ground, who ever is behind this has’nt thought this through very well. From behind, a small, irritating voice starts to pierce Chunk’s ears with dentistry work.
    It seems to be one of Chunk’s villains;  the apologetic tooth, come to wreck havoc and annoy those who indulge in their chocolatey surrounding. Chunk towers over the grindingly annoying tooth, “What was your plan apologetic tooth? What was your business raising the deceased chocolate raisin people?” The tooth opens his sweet little mouth to talk, but Chunk kicks him in the face anyway, ironically breaking a tooth of the tooth. “Be gone little tooth vermin, I will protect these people of brown at any cost!”
   The tooth runs away, forgeting that the hands he raised from the ground are still there kind of lifeless, he trips over them and the hands grab him tight, dragging his little body down to the depths of the of coffee revels.
   With the land of brown, unknowingly saved, Chunk is ready to call it a day and importantly go home to feed his pet fishfrog called fredo.       (Part 4 coming soon)