I remember random

I remember(Daily prompt)

Ok, im going to write about some bad times which have turned into the most random times, in competely random order within ten minutes.  Go!
  one time at school, I was walking with my friends down some stairs and I slipped over on to my side. It hurt, but then as a save, I randomly started pretending to be a flailing fish, wriggling down the stairs. I laugh everytime I think about this because it was so random, even for me. Even I was like “whaaat!”
   I pretend to be a frog once, I now realise I have wierd animal roleplays fetishes haha! Which reminds me about the dream I had two days ago about my friends cat’s acting out the freiza saga from dragon ball z….that was random. !
My friend drop kicked an imaginary cat once and broke his marble fire place, that was hilarious 😀
   Hmmm I pretend to be some wierd things now that I think about it, but my lucky stars, I’d love to be a power ranger! Come find me power ranger peoples!

I remember random


Dream home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home.


Mine is simply a daft drawing of my dream home. I want to be rich and famous from my art, music, writing, but at the end of the day, my dream house is a small house, lived in with the person I love the most, who I can start a family with someday and have many memories.  This is my dream house, because home is where my heart and dreams are. Simple 🙂