Candyfossilized part 6

Waking up after a long night shift, Chunk wakes up to the sound of the postman rattling the letter box. He jumps up awake and excited for the post, as today is no ordinary day,  it’s a very special day, a day that comes only once every one hundred years.
   Chunks opens his letter with the brown seal and starts to read the letter out loud. “Dear Chunk, Today is the long awaited candyfossil searching day. As you know, every one hundred years, forest gaurdians from around the land, entre this quest to find a candyfossil. These fossils are dropped by the topic tree and spread afar. The fossils, as you know, forge the weapons, armour and force fields that keep the land of brown safe and secure for generations to come. The starting point is at Cadbury city, good luck on your quest.”
    Chunk jumps with excitement and starts to get ready immediately for his next adventure, but like always, he knows that this won’t be as simple as just finding a fossil in the ground. With the rise in activity of the dark chocolate villains, Chunk musn’t let any evil doers stop him from retaining a fossil for the future of brown.
   Shield in hand, Chunk begins to make his way to the colossal, Cadbury city, not too far from his own home on the outskirts of the forest.
(Part 7 coming soon/ character artwork also coming soon)

Candyfossilized part 5

As winter draws near and the start of the dark chocolate nights loom over the brown forest, Chunk now has to work harder than any other time of the year, as the gathering darkness can bring the most fearsome of monsters.
   Working overtime for the protection of the land, Chunk stands gaurd at the forests entrance, just like many other forest gaurdians, but on this one night, the air is full of terror and trouble. Chunk is almost certain that something is going to go down tonight, and can sence a fight for protection.
   In the darkness of the night, a nearby village called Bournevile fills the dusty chocolate air with bellows and screams. Chunk doesn’t want to leave the forest, but he must go help the village due to his protector code of honour.
    He sprints, shield in hand, soon arriving at the village with haste. Chunks looks around carefully at the suprisingly empty village. In the distance,  he sees a shadowy figure, slowly emerging towards Chunk, but he is not scared,  just tierd from the night shift.
    “I’ve come to grab your attention and assassinate you Chunk. I am the marvelous, Crazy waffer!”
   He opens his mouth to boast somemore, but impatient as ever, he throws his shield straight through his cracking body, snapping it clean in two. “Ahhhh, why did you do that while I was still talking!?” He whails as Chunk sports a chessy grin, “I needed a break…..from the talking and action, it’s one o’clock in the morning! I’m not waiting around you fool.”
    Chunk then falls a sleep on the spot and somehow sleepwalks home to his bedroom.

Candyfossilized part 4

Chunk is happily in bed on a hot, chocolate fudge night, all tucked away and sleeping. The fishfrog beside his bed is also snoozing away in his liquid chocolate bowl, until suddenly, an almight crash outside rumbles and shakes through the whole house. Chunk and his fishfrog jump awake in complete shock at the sudden colossal commotion outside. Running to his window and slamming it open, Chunk gazes at the enormously round meteor, ball chunk of chocolate, blazing awake in flames outside.
   Chunk simply can’t belive his eyes, and rips his pjamas off revealing his gaurdian uniform, running outside to investigate this random event.
   Now outside, Chunk goes close to the meteor that looks like a melting malteaser. It seems a lot smaller upclose, but still gives off a dangerous vibe. With his shield close to his body, Chunk touches the melting maltease, in reaction, it begins to move and shake. Chunk steps back as it becomes increasingly more active. Suddenly,  out of nowhere, the meteor shoots up into the sky like a shooting star, and then crashes back down to earth now covered in a fine brown mist.
  Chunk readys his shield, as the mist starts to fade. The meteor that was, is now standing with deep, glowing, dark brown eyes. “I am the warlord, Boost-wispa, bow before me puny humaniod. Chunk bursts out laughing, “Hahaha, Boost-wispa? More like Malteaser-aero bubble. You suck, I mean, your not even scary looking. You look like a half eaten then melted, easter promotion chocolate. Your literally melting before my eyes, i’m going back to bed.”
   Boost-wispa bows his head in shame, then walks away in annoyance.  “I’ll get you back for this Chunk, and next time, I’ll be laughing at you!”…….”And also mocking yoooou with bad chocolate related puns!”

Candyfossilized part 3

Hands ripping through the hard chocolate dirt, struggling to get through the dense, solid ground, who ever is behind this has’nt thought this through very well. From behind, a small, irritating voice starts to pierce Chunk’s ears with dentistry work.
    It seems to be one of Chunk’s villains;  the apologetic tooth, come to wreck havoc and annoy those who indulge in their chocolatey surrounding. Chunk towers over the grindingly annoying tooth, “What was your plan apologetic tooth? What was your business raising the deceased chocolate raisin people?” The tooth opens his sweet little mouth to talk, but Chunk kicks him in the face anyway, ironically breaking a tooth of the tooth. “Be gone little tooth vermin, I will protect these people of brown at any cost!”
   The tooth runs away, forgeting that the hands he raised from the ground are still there kind of lifeless, he trips over them and the hands grab him tight, dragging his little body down to the depths of the of coffee revels.
   With the land of brown, unknowingly saved, Chunk is ready to call it a day and importantly go home to feed his pet fishfrog called fredo.       (Part 4 coming soon)