Candyfossilized part 5

As winter draws near and the start of the dark chocolate nights loom over the brown forest, Chunk now has to work harder than any other time of the year, as the gathering darkness can bring the most fearsome of monsters.
   Working overtime for the protection of the land, Chunk stands gaurd at the forests entrance, just like many other forest gaurdians, but on this one night, the air is full of terror and trouble. Chunk is almost certain that something is going to go down tonight, and can sence a fight for protection.
   In the darkness of the night, a nearby village called Bournevile fills the dusty chocolate air with bellows and screams. Chunk doesn’t want to leave the forest, but he must go help the village due to his protector code of honour.
    He sprints, shield in hand, soon arriving at the village with haste. Chunks looks around carefully at the suprisingly empty village. In the distance,  he sees a shadowy figure, slowly emerging towards Chunk, but he is not scared,  just tierd from the night shift.
    “I’ve come to grab your attention and assassinate you Chunk. I am the marvelous, Crazy waffer!”
   He opens his mouth to boast somemore, but impatient as ever, he throws his shield straight through his cracking body, snapping it clean in two. “Ahhhh, why did you do that while I was still talking!?” He whails as Chunk sports a chessy grin, “I needed a break…..from the talking and action, it’s one o’clock in the morning! I’m not waiting around you fool.”
    Chunk then falls a sleep on the spot and somehow sleepwalks home to his bedroom.


Candyfossilized part 2

On a seemingly normal, brown day, life goes on as normal. The air is thick with a brown haze, the smell of out of date chocolate filling the breathable air, life itself shouldn’t exist in a world of these conditions, but sadly it does.
   Humanoids live in this world alongside mutants hybrid animals, and living chocolate treats with sugary attitudes. Blood runs dark brown like liquid chocolate in everyone because of the chocolate particals even making the skin itself hard, but completely weak to fire. Highly anatomically incorrect, it’s a wonder how this bizzar world ceases to exist, especially with a sun like a chocolate button.
    The story starts with the gaurdian of brown, Chunk, with a weaponised shield, formed in the hell fountains of the purest chocolate. Coated in many forms of chocolate, the shield is a phenomenon of amazement and might, although rarely used as life is so sweet and sugary.
   On Chunk’s usual patrol of the brown forest, unusual activity arises as normal and expected, but as he starts to walk back to the entrance of the forest, a mass of brown, wrinkly hands start to pop out from the ground, flailing around like struggling fish. Chunk holds his mighty, chocolate shield close, the amount of fail in this forest is about to increase, Chunk’s body is ready.