Candyfossilized part 7 (Final fossilized)

Chunk embarks on a long journey throught the land of brown to Cadbury city, finally arriving at its gates after a day of walking on tough chocolate terrain.
   The curly whirly gates magically open for Chunk, allowing him to walk through but upon stepping into the city, he see’s simply lying on the floor infront of him, to his complete suprise, all that he came for, a candy fossil. Chunk looks around to see if its someone elses or if someone has dropped it but no one is around at all. He walks up to it slowly takin in deep breaths, ready to accept his candy fossil glory.
   He sweats as his hand slowly reaches out towards the candy fossil on the ground, his fingers twiching with nerves and excitement. Finally his hand is around the fossil as he picks it up from the ground but, unexpectedly,  the fossil is unnaturally heavy. He pulls and pulls until he uses both his hands to lift this small object from the ground but, it’s well and truly stuck. Confusingly, Chunk takes a step back to assess the situation.
    Moments pass and a faint rumble can be felt coming from the ground. It gets stronger as seconds go by to the point were the ground infront of Chunk starts to break apart like an earthquake, destroying the surroundings. Chunk leaps for the fossil but, it shoots up into the air, towering over the city gate. The rock itself starts to bellow at Chunk, ” I am the candy fossil gaurdian collossus, Ferrero, I will be your opponent for this prize of warrior glory”.
    Without wasting any time, Chunks leaps into battle cutting into the collossus hard shell, revealing his creamy center, spilling on to his shield. After minutes of using his shield to cut down this mountain of deceiving greatness, the collossus stops Chunk and gaves him the candy fossil, ripping it from his back. “You have proven your self more than worthy of this my fellow warrior, now I must reverse this destruction and return to this land, ready to challenge the furture gaurdians” Chunk smiles and looks deeply into the candyfossil, but the candyfossil shows him something more than it what it simply appears as. (The end).


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