This is something different.

So yes, I use this blog to post stories and show off my writing skills, but I think for just this once I’m going to write about how I feel at the moment and a bit about me.
   My situation right now at this moment is unnerving and uneasy, I’m 22 years old, have less than ten pound to my name and struggling to make it somewhere in  my life. It feels like i’ve been wishing for a mirical for a very long time, and still not getting anywhere forward.
   I have enemies, not because I’m a bad person but because im hard to understand and I tend I make bad judgements on people who hide behind a fake niceness.
   I don’t really mind if people dislike me or not, I’d still talk to whoever and be nice to anyone who deserves my niceness. I can’t stand bad people and I tend to tell the truth which people don’t like because the truth can hurt sometimes, but I love life and believe that the world is simply beautiful, its just a shame some people in the world make it less.
    I’m searching for a chance to make my name in the world, make a living, make a future, wether its by my writing, singing or artwork, I need to make it big, no matter what. More than ever I need to be sucessfull at something, I’ll never give up on fighting for a future worth living for, not just for me, for everyone around me, friend or foe.
                 We all look up at the exact same sky.
Antfantasy 🙂


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